Explore Uganda the “Pearl of Africa”

Uganda the pearl of Africa is a landlocked country but with a lot of water bodies located in the heart of Africa and offers an exceptionally diverse safari holiday. For those looking for adventure in a life time, unique wildlife opportunities, primates including mountain gorillas with chimpanzees and kind-hearted local people, this is the country for you.

A Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

The most visited national park in Uganda is Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Located in the south west of the country side, Bwindi is a dense forest home to almost half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. Trekking with the habituated gorillas is a bucket list experience like no other. In their presence, you feel both extremely vulnerable and humbled at the same time.

Continuing with the primate experiences in Uganda, Kibale Forest national park is a fantastic destination for those who want to see the chimpanzees and the world capital of chimpanzees. Whether they are playing on the forest floor or swinging from the treetops, the habituated chimpanzee experience is memorable in all the best ways.

Other parks to combine in Uganda include Queen Elizabeth National Park which is famous for its tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, and Murchison Falls National Park which is known for its exceptionally powerful waterfall. In the north-eastern tip of the country is an isolated national park called Kidepo national park. Bordering South Sudan, this park is a semi-arid region with high temperatures and dry savannahs.

Uganda is a great destination for adventure-seekers. Jinja, located in the central-eastern part of the country, is known as the adrenaline capital of East Africa. Here you can enjoy white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and many more. Uganda is a country like no other. We simply cannot recommend it enough.

White water rafting on the River Nile in Jinja Uganda

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