Gecko Safaris – company profile


  • Name of the company : Gecko Safaris Limited
  • Registration number : 19658
  • Date of registration : 3rd may 2005
  • Postal address : P.O. Box 9178, Kampala, Uganda
  • Physical address : parliamentary avenue plot 4 eco bank plaza second floor
  • Tel/Fax number : +256 (0) 414 698940
  • Mobile number : +256 (0) 772 446879
  • Email :
  • Main website :
  • Facebook : gecko safaris rwanda
  • Twitter : @gecko safaris
  • Offices in Rwanda

Gecko safari ltd
kg 10 able house Rwanda


  • Office : Rwanda & Uganda
  • No of employees : 17
  • Fleet: 14 4×4 vehicles customized for African expeditions.
  • Members of:
    • Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
    • Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO)
    • Uganda Tourism Association (UTA)
    • Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
    • Uganda Animal Charity (UAC)
    • East African Community Tourism Platform (EATP)


Gecko Safaris Limited was founded in 2005 by a young professional entrepreneur, ALPHA FABBY OKELLO. He set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operation in Rwanda & Uganda and the gorilla destinations.

Vision to Gorilla Destinations

The vision of Gecko Safaris in gorilla destination is to develop an indigenous owned tour company with international partnerships and networks that will operate in the entire gorilla destinations which includes Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

Company Mission

To provide high quality safaris, expeditions, community tourism, co-operate incentives, mountaineering, gorilla tracking and guiding services across the gorilla destinations.  Gecko Safaris designs special need tours that suit our guest’s needs and budget as well as per-designed small and big group executions in East Africa .This however does not limit our client’s options as they can still design their personal packages with the help of our highly skilled safari consultants in both of offices Rwanda or Uganda.

Company Achievements

Care, professionalism, integrity and dedication are some of the core values that underpin the business approach of Gecko Safaris. The company has established itself as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, consistency and competitive prices. Other core values of the company are excellent customer service, innovation, flexibility, accessibility and Eco-tourism. Well connected with companies abroad in order to build a good clientele worldwide.

Strategy in Tourism Business

Gecko Safaris works closely with the Rwandan and  Ugandan Government, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) in order to guarantee quality service, flexibility and consistency. In addition, the company is at the forefront of marketing Uganda and strives to expand its international collaborations.

Our Team

The Gecko Safaris team is made up of 17 capable and competent office staff and high qualified driver/guides and tour leaders, who all possess the requisite academic qualifications and years of valuable experience. Among us we speak a range of European and African languages, including English, Dutch, Swahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda and many other local dialects found all across East Africa, empowering us to manage and handle all of our guest’s tour requirements right from conception to operation to closing, for optimal satisfaction.

Guides and Tour Leaders at Gecko Safaris.

Aware of the critical role a guide plays in our guests’ holiday experience, we hire only the best. Of our highly experience full time guides, many used to be national parks rangers with Uganda Wildlife Authority and therefore have extensive local knowledge of the flora and fauna, history, culture, geography. Some avid ornithologists complete our pack.

They also attend regular courses with the accrediting local Uganda Safari Guides Association, are members of the Uganda Bird Guides Club  and Conservation Societies. In addition, we provide German, Spanish and Japanese speaking Tour Leader/Guides, as well as accompanying translators in any of the other major international languages upon request.

Safari Vehicles

The company owns Toyota Land Cruisers and Safari min vans. All vehicles are 4WD, are well maintained and provide a pop up roof for game viewing. For clients’ convenience, we try to limit the number of people in one vehicle to 5-7 persons. This means that every guest can enjoy having a window seat and luggage can be stored comfortably and for bigger groups we have Coaster which are 29 seater and we only recommend 20 people in coasters so that every client can have a window seat and enough space for the bags.

The challenging condition of the roads means that safari vehicles are serviced by Gecko Safaris own company mechanics after every trip.

Cultural tours in Uganda

Uganda features four major traditional and well established kingdoms: Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro and Busoga. Additionally, Uganda has many other different tribes-peoples practicing age old cultures, customs and traditions including the pygmy Batwa in Bwindi, the Banyakole famed for their magnificent long horned cattle, as well as the nomadic Karamojong living in the remote, semi-arid North East bordering Kenya and South Sudan. Historical relics including the Kasubi tombs (burial grounds of ancient Baganda kings), the Uganda Martyrs Shrine(a much more modern religious shrine), all amongst reputedly the world’s most hospitable people definitely makes Uganda one of the most ideal cultural tourism destinations in the world.

Our consultants stand ready to work with our guests to create the most fascinating and unforgettable.

Adventure tours in Uganda

When it comes to adventure, nothing beats a coming face to face with a giant Mountain Gorilla silver back, eight times the power of a grown man, in its natural habitat. Although an encounter with the over 100 strong family of chimpanzees in Kibale forest National Park must rank as the home of chimpanzees. To partake the wildest white water rafting amongst the rapids of the magnificent river Nile, the world’s longest, is the true epitome of an adrenaline pumping river adventure and we think that a bungee jumping thrill over the river Nile must be what real ‘dare-devilism’ is about.

Recreation holidays in Uganda

Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake, provides numerous opportunities for beach tourism on its edge in Entebbe as well as at various islands including Ssese Islands and Bulago Island, where one can enjoy walks on the beach, boat rides, lazy bird walks, some water sports, visits to the local fishing villages etc

Relax on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, enjoy the peace, beauty and tranquillity at the source of the Nile in Jinja, and visit the Mahatma Gandhi Shrine, the universal apostle of peace and non-violence; his ashes were immersed in the river Nile in 1948, as he requested. Enjoy launch cruises on the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park or step out to mix and mingle with local Ugandans on a night outing in Kampala and feel the pulse of this buzzing capital city; Ugandans love to have giant amount of fun – your more than welcome to join!

Special interest journeys in Uganda

Besides the classical safaris, Gecko Safaris offers theme-based packages and special interest tours, like golf tours, honeymoons, incentive group tours, tribal and homestead tours, philanthropic tours, school/colleges groups and many more.

Sustainable Tourism

Gecko Safaris is highly conscious of the need to protect the natural environment and valuable cultural heritage. We have therefore initiated a number of projects, to maximize the benefits tourism can bring to local communities. One of these projects is the cooperation with a local family masaka, where guests can learn more about the culture of the different tribes and interact with the local people. A visit will support community based initiatives, varying from the construction of schools to the supply of clean drinking water and the making of traditional handicrafts.