Murambi Genocide Memorial Center is situated in the south west of Rwanda around Gikonfgoro town. It was established in the former school where several lives were destroyed about 40000 souls were slaughtered from this area. The victims at this site had run to the school seeking for protection but were instead abandoned by UN troops and were later on discovered by their killers who destroyed them there and then (majority of these were women and young children).

It exhibits a monument where the remains of the victims are displayed in the school building / classroom shelves with their bones, skulls, and even bloody stained clothing hanging over the walls. The sight here is very live showing exactly what happened that day. It depicts a children’s section from where you get to know about how they lived and how they died.
It’s a commonly visited site , occupying the former grounds of the Echo Technical school that was being constructed at the time of the 1994 genocide outbreak. At this place, you experience the real feeling of the genocide as it was left as it was at the time of the occurrence.

You also find some the survivors who have been trained as guides and are always available to provide you with all the important information in regards to the1994 genocide .