Corporate & Incentive Travel, Team Building Events & community project safaris.

Many safari Companies around the Uganda Rwanda and Burundi are seeking new and innovative strategies to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and remain competitive in the global market place. The success of any organization is team building and community project: largely a function of the way the staff is able to work together harmoniously. Do they show initiative in solving problems? Do they share common objectives, and do they align their energies in support of achieving these objectives? Do they realize their individual importance within the team? Are they a team?

Enabling the staff to develop these qualities is a major challenge, helping them become high performance teams. An effective way of learning leadership and teamwork is through experiential education, or learning through doing. Participants go through different practical learning activities that develop communication, trust, confidence, and many other vital skills. Skilled and experienced facilitators assist participants to accomplish tasks through teamwork and encouragement.

– Increased Sales
– Employee Safety
– Employee motivation
– Increased co-operation.

Give Gecko Safaris an opportunity to serve you and put your business in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Gecko Safaris has experienced, motivated professionals who will design and plan an innovative experience that impacts and lets you stay competitive in today’s business environment.